BE-ing a role model

“I want to give my first book to her; she is a role model for me”. 

Those were the heartfelt words spoken to me last thursday by this beautiful, radiant and strong woman Meverly A. Benjamin at the quarterly Network Club event from Charles Ruffolo.

Meverly wrote her first book “My dream”. A heart touching autobiographical story from a woman who nearly lost her dream, but who found it in the end.

I asked myself the question what does it mean for me to be someone’s role model? What does it mean to me when someone says: “Because you have done it, I know I can do it too!”.

It means for me that be-ing successful in life, comes with the responsibility of giving back. Giving back attention, guidance, support and wisdom. That is part of be-ing a role model, it is why someone is a rolemodel. Be-ing a role model means being a servant leader who takes responsibility for the connection with all generations in our society. In which we can find a key to turn our society into a true community. And it is with great joy that I say “I want to be a role model because in that way I can be of service to inspire people to stand up in their full potential and shine as bright as the brightest star!

One last word on the book, “a learning”:

The distance between

Where you are and where

You want to be is not as

Far as you think

“You are so true, Meverly, because you are my role model too. You shine on! Thank you for the precious gift of your book.”


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