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This Journey of the Heart is a week of creating a New Earth through Ceremonies  and Dreaming”

Vézelay (Bourgogne) is where this incredible journey begins. This place has been a power spot for millenia, and was used by the druids as such in the ancient times. Here we are supported  in the process of personal and collective awakening as we experience the new vibrations of the Earth through the portal of our Sacred Heart. In the surroundings of the portal of Vézelay we will be inspired by Mary Magdelene (patron saint of the basilica of Vézelay), who was an initiated priestess in the line of Isis and Ishtar. She is omnipresent and lived her life from an inner space of Oneness.

This journey will be guided by unique acsension wayshowers – Petra, Anna and Ayin. They share the same dream – to be of service to the Awakening of Humanity on Earth and to guide those souls who are called to align with the New Earth. They will inspire you to walk the inner path of the Heart through their unique wisdom.

During this journey we will be conducting ceremonies from ancient mystery schools (Egyptian, Essene) as well as from traditions of the indigenous First Peoples.  Why is this so important in the next phase of human life on Earth? Ceremony is a key tool for collective healing and for the creation of a Heart-Centered Earth community.

Are you joining this unique journey?

What will we do during the Journey of the Heart?

We will remember the bliss of our deep inner silence, walking the ancient pilgrimage roads around Vézelay. We will  remember our necessary symbiosis with Mother Earth and Nature. We will share wisdom stories, ascension tools and new frameworks for perceiving Consciousness. We will use Heart meditations to re-connect with and create from the Heart space a new dream for our lives and for our world. When we dream, we find visions to dream us into a much more awakened and creative state of being. We will connect, experience and work with sacred oils. We will make space for our authentic voices. We will visit a very ancient, hidden stone circle, to heal and to connect to dormant aspects of ourselves. We will learn from an indigenous Alaskan elder how to “dream” a new world for humanity and for ourselves through ceremony.

About Unangan Aleut elder Ilarion Larry Kuuyux Merculieff:

This is a unique opportunity to meet in an intimate environment our guest of honour Kuuyux. He is the last of his peoples from the Bering Islands of Alaska to be raised in the traditional ways. His people have a memory and wisdom dating back over 10,000 years. Throughout his life, Kuuyux has focused on traditional knowledge, wisdom, and spirituality gained from culture bearers around the world, acting as a bridge from the past to those alive today. He teaches about creation from the Heart and through the Sacred Womb

We are delighted that Kuuyux will be visiting the Vézelay region, as he is coming all the way from Alaska for a special conference in Avallon. In addition to attending this conference, Journey of the Heart participants will be blessed by a special ceremony guided by Kuuyux especially and uniquely for our program.

Petra Brussen – Anna Vanickova – Ayin de Sela

Petra, Anna and Ayin are all embodiments of the Divine Feminine in the lineage of the Magdalene, each in her own special and unique way. Through balance of the divine feminine and divine masculine, inner self-mastery, sovereignty, love and inspiration, they invite you to play with them, to co-create the New Earth together in new and fun ways, using your full divine potential! 


Gifted with a strong connection to, and understanding of, the subtle realms, Petra knows the invisible world as some know the visible. She is guided and awakened by, and indeed embodies, the presence of Mary Magdalene and her Way of Love. She incarnates Lemurian consciousness and teaches this knowledge, inviting humanity to step to a new level of Earth life anchored in inner and outer peace, harmony and Oneness. She has a deep wisdom connected to Gaya, to the visible and invisible worlds of the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms. With Ayin she co-creates through alchemy sacred oils and perfumes that serve as ascension tools for all who are called to use them. Over the 25 years that Petra worked as CEO and Hearts Leader in the business world, she wove her knowledge of the power of the Heart into the business realms -transforming people, workplaces and work strategies. The life and death of her Lemurian twin soul on Earth awakened her to the realm of Divine Oneness and to her purpose in life. This experience birthed the understanding that death is an illusion and life is eternal. From the other side of the veil, her husband baptised her with her Lemurian name Aïonia, which means Infinite Life. It is her Heart’s deepest wish to lead humanity back to into the Unified Field, and to help humans remember their divine powers through golden rainbow consciousness. She dedicates her life to serving an awakening and ascending humanity, and to creating abundance for all. Petra’s unique energetic signature is a blend between a fairy godmother and a Magdalene high priestess!!!


Anna’s life journey began in Canada and has led her through several phases of Creation. Early in her life she worked as a pianist and multidisciplinary artist. Upon moving to Prague, she joined the post-1989 spiritual revolution. With the support of several spiritual masters, she began to remember her healing abilities as a galactic shaman working with multidimensional awareness, ascended masters, angels and other light beings. She guided many community projects, such as the creation of the Library for Women’s Wisdom, The MA Women’s Circle, the Spiritual Women’s Circle 11 Taras, and the Forest School Zeme ZeMe. In 2002 she founded the NGO Prameni o.p.s, dedicated to promoting Human Potential through the Arts and through this structure she organised and lead many workshops, retreats and events. This highly fertile time lead to a deep understanding that all real change must happen from within, and that true self-mastery, liberty, and Creation necessarily start in the inner planes. Anna is a pure vessel of Light that channels rays of galactic wisdom to Earth and from the Earth back to the Cosmos. Anna instinctively gathers the precise elements, people and mindset necessary for the creation of a new world. With unbending strength of vision she teaches, guides and nurtures her community first through her own example and then through the knowledge she acquires with unending interest in the higher levels of creation. Her vision is to reconnect people with the deepest desires within their hearts, and with what she calls the realm of miracle consciousness. She has tremendous wisdom based on her lifelong commitment to new educational modalities, healing, epigenetics, Heart Dreaming, Heart Creation and inner freedom.  She is a wayshower when it comes to “inner sight and transformation”. She adores unlocking the divine potential within human beings and collectively creating the New Earth. She is a magnificant teacher!!!


Born in Mexico into a family of artists, Ayin travelled the world as a tightwire walker, which led her to develop deep focus and connection to her audience. Her life changed course when her balance was removed, due to a physical problem which occurred simultaneously with the loss of her sister. While learning to accept this change she experienced a spiritual dark night of the soul and she was drawn to the language of plants. With time she awakened to her deeper gifts. Utterly honest in her own process of transformation, she was inspired to guide others to listen to their own desires and purpose. In the world of the arts she had been a witnessing presence to the unique offering of each person, and now realized she wanted to place the life of her Spirit in the center. She began using the perfumes medicinally as a way into the present moment and the as yet unrealized possibilities there. Using the perfumes she opened a door to Divine Symbols in their palpable form. The magic and the beauty in the tiniest leaf is testimony to the Divine. Spirits, Nymphs, Druids, Pollinating Insects, Fairies, Trees, Elves, the Creatures of the Forest, Benevolent Entities…everything that is for the flowering of life whispers through Nature. Ayin’s presence is unique in Gaia’s realm. From her deep awareness of the abundance in Nature she heals and creates through the energies in her hands.  It is her deepest joy and honor to have found sisters in Spirit to bring forth this offering. 

What Petra says about Vézelay

When I climbed “the eternal hill of Vézelay” (La Colline Eternelle) for the first time in 2000, I was deeply touched by this precious power spot in Burgundy. It is a place with a rich history of pilgrimage and spirituality and has attracted many people over the centuries. The loving presence of Mary Magdalene and her beloved Yeshua are felt by all, independant of one’s religious background. This is a place of purity of Love and Light that can only be experienced in your heart. Since the year 2000, I visited this magical place many, many times, and eventually it became my home. I invite people from around the world to discover this place where they say that heaven touches the earth, to allow the inspiration to touch your heart so deeply you will remember who you truly are.

Are you ready to take full responsibility for the creation of your life? Are you ready for a life on the New Earth? Are you aware that the world is waiting for the truth of your heart? Join us in this unique Journey of the Heart!

Important information

The week begins on Sunday October 20th 2019 (16h) and ends on Saturday October 26th (10h). We will stay at the beautiful rustic Domaine La Vieille Borde, just outside of Vézelay. We have rented the domaine exclusively for this week, including a heated swimming pool (when the weather conditions allow for it). Your stay will be in a comfortable Gite in shared rooms with other participants.

Room sharing requests will be assigned when possible based on availability. We will do our very best to put you with the room mate you ask for, however your request is not guaranteed. Double beds will be assigned to couples who make a joint reservation. Single beds (9 available) are placed in double rooms. Maximum of two people per room. Double beds (8 available).

Are you joining this unique journey?

Minimum participants: 10


Personal transportation is required to and from Vézelay, and during the week. The distances: Utrecht (NL) – Vézelay is approx. 680 km. Paris – Vézelay approx. 220 km   Dijon – Vézelay approx. 120 km. We can facilitate contact with other participants for those who desire to car-pool.

Price excl. VAT (21%):

  1. 1.497.-  per person based on 1 single bed in a shared room (maximum 2 persons per room in a shared gite)
  2. 2.768,-  per 2 persons based on double bed in double room (in shared gite).

Price includes overnight stay at Domaine de la Vieiile Borde and workshop guidance during the week. Excluding tourist TAX (payable onsite to the owner)

In case the domain is fully booked at reservation, please contact us (info@petrabrussen.com). We will investigate further possibilities or put your name on a waiting list.

Extra information

You will be assigned a gite before arriving. If you want to share a room with someone, please indicate your preferences at time of booking. Room mate requests will be assigned when possible based on availability. We will do our very best to assign you with the room mate you ask for, however your request is not guaranteed. When you want to share a bedroom it is preferable to book at the same time.

Bed and kitchen linen is available, however you will need to bring your own towels.

Breakfasts, meals, snacks and drinks are your own responsibility. On Monday we have planned some time to do grocery shopping in Avallon (15 km) or Vézelay (3 km).

In the vicinity of Vézelay you can find local restaurants with reasonable prices for lunch or dinner time. The gites are fully furnished to cook your own meals. A barbecue is available at the domain.

The journey from and to Vézelay and the stay in France is at your own risk and choice. Think of purchasing the necessary Travel Insurances et cetera.

Refund & Cancellation policy:

The journey can be cancelled under the following conditons:

  • Full refund will be given for cancellations made prior to July 13th, minus a 50,- processing fee.
  • Cancellations made between July 13th – August 17th 2019, will receive a 60% refund
  • No refunds will be issued for cancellations made on or after August 17th.

Based on our financial commitments we can not accept exceptions on these conditions.

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