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Mary Magdalene’s Source Blessings

3 days of celebration and blessings of sacred sources

Number of places is limited

During this summer-paced celebration of the waters, in the exquisite Burgundy countryside, we will be enchanting back the Camelot timeline and visiting natural sacred sites. We have been called to visit sacred sources in the surrounding of Vézelay and laylines, to bring back balance and purity to this area that was once a pristine paradise.

Sources & Avallon Mystery School

The Source of Mary Magdalene underneath the Basilica as well as the pure Source of Etang will be 2 of the several sources we visit.  We will have the opportunity to work at a recently re-activated, remarkable intergalactic portal that once served as a center for the ancient Avallon Mystery School. This will also be a chance for participants to visit and experience the recently erected etheric Venus Temple in Vézelay, with its rose gold flame, as well as the Basilica of Mary Magdalene at the top of Eternal Hill, with its extraordinary crypt encoded with Unity Consciousness codes. We will be journeying together in the mornings, leaving the afternoons free for each participant to pursue his/her own program in afternoons and evenings. Vézelay is situated in the protected natural landscape of the Morvan Regional Park. 

Mary Magdalene's School

We will be celebrating the founding of Mary Magdalene’s School through the joy and magic of being together! Abandon all thought processes and all ideas about how reality should be and step into a playground of gold diamond energy! Bring your wand to purify, re-activate, and bless the waters! Be ready to receive many blessings back!

Petra Brussen – Anna Vanickova

Petra and Anna are all embodiments of the Way of UNITY in the lineage of the Magdalene, each in their own special and unique way.

Through balance of the divine feminine and divine masculine, inner self-mastery, sovereignty, love and inspiration, they invite you to play with them, to co-create the New Earth together in new and fun ways, using your full divine potential! 

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Gifted with a strong connection to, and understanding of, the subtle realms, Petra knows the invisible world as some know the visible. She is guided, awakened by, and embodies the presence of Mary Magdalene. She incarnates Lemurian consciousness and teaches this knowledge, inviting humanity to step to a new level of Earth life anchored in inner and outer peace, harmony and Oneness. She has a deep wisdom connected to Gaya, to the visible and invisible worlds of the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms. She co-creates through alchemy Xrysma, anointing oils, with Ayin Perfumes. Sacred oils that serve as ascension tools for all who are called to use them. The life and death of her Lemurian twin soul awakened her to the realm of Divine Oneness and to her purpose in life. It is her Heart’s deepest wish to lead humanity back to into the Unified Field, and to help humans remember their divine powers through golden rainbow consciousness.


Born in Canada, Anna worked early on as a pianist and multidisciplinary artist. Upon moving to Prague, she joined the post-1989 spiritual revolution. With the support of several spiritual masters, she began to remember her healing abilities, working with multidimensional awareness, ascended masters, angels and other light beings. She guided many community projects, such as the creation of the Library for Women’s Wisdom, The MA Women’s Circle, the Spiritual Women’s Circle 11 Taras, and the Forest School Zeme ZeMe. In 2002 she cofounded the NGO Prameni o.p.s, dedicated to promoting Human Potential through the Arts, Education and Spirituality. Her vision is to reconnect people with the deepest desires within their hearts, the realm of miracle consciousness.

Dates: July 21-23, 2020
Vézelay, France

DAY 1: JULY 21 – 8AM-12:30 PM 

DAY 2: JULY 22 – 10AM-14:30 PM  (including FESTIVITY WITH PICNIC ON MARY MAGDALENE’s name day) 

DAY 3: JULY 23 – 8AM-12:30 PM

*We reserve the right to be flexible with these times, depending on the energies of the moment! Be prepared for fluidity and fun!

Are you ready to participate in
the Mary Magdalene’s Source Blessings?

Price: € 333,- (ex.VAT)

Practical information

  • All participants are required to find their own accommodation. We can help you with some information for those of you in need of guidance.
  • Personal transportation is required to and from Vézelay and during the week. We will be meeting and travelling in the region to several places in the surrounding area. This requires a car. Carpooling is recommended!
  • You need to be in good physical condition to do the walks to the sacred sites. One of these is an hour walk uphill.  
  • All participants are responsible for their own food & drink, yoga mats, zafoos, and all other personal necessities. We will send out a list of recommended things to bring with you. 
  • You can do grocery shopping in Avallon (15 km) or Vézelay (3 km). In the vicinity of Vézelay you can find local restaurants with menus at reasonable prices during both lunch and dinner. 

The journey from and to Vézelay and the stay in France is at your own risk and choice. Think of purchasing the necessary Travel Insurances et cetera.

Refund & Cancellation policy:

The journey can be cancelled. Full refund will be given for cancellation, minus a €50,- processing fee.

Note1 – regarding Covid 19:

The program and the number of participants is dependent on/subject to regulations regarding Covid 19.  Participation is on a first come first serve basis. If the number of participants needs to be adjusted, priority will be given to the first to register. Your place is reserved upon receipt of  full payment. You will be 100% refunded if the programme needs to be cancelled due to Covid 19 regulations.

Note 2:

Anna & Petra will not be available for guidance or information outside the hours mentioned in the program. 

Are you ready to participate in Mary Magdalene’s Source Blessings?

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